Wedding video

Along with wedding photoshoot, we realize also wedding footage. The fundamental characteristics of our products are storytelling, naturalness and spontaneity.

Each scene and each frame is made by paying attention to the technique but also giving importance to dynamic. The final aim is to impress upon memory the emotions felt during your wedding.

Wedding footage, as well as photoshoots, are made with the support of professional top-level video equipment that allow us to produce high-resolution footage in Full HD 1920 x 1080.

Every job is tailored to the preferences of each couple. The soundtrack accompanies and emphasizes the footage that is made by combining video images and secondary frames captured with action-cam. The latter offers non-ordinary and unexpected points of view.

The wedding film, as well as the photos, are uploaded in an exclusive and personalized USB drive to be easily brought with you and compatible with all devices.

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