giac chi sono


When I was a child my older friends built a dark room inside a garage. They developed and printed black and white photos using an old Yashica. I was fascinated and I used to observe them while they were using liquids, enlargers, papers etc. They took a photo of me next to a nice motorcycle.

I still remember my emotions seeing images printed on paper,they used to hang up photos to dry them so as people do with the washing. So my interest was born for photography.

Later on I sold an old motocicle and used the money to buy my first analogic reflex. It was a hobby but it became a passion.

Nowadays my interest, my hobby, my love are my job. I am lucky, I have a job that I like and I put my passionin my photos. A photo fixes an expression, an emotion that will become a memory as it happened to me many years ago in that garage.







I simply like to communicate, I try to do that through images, street photography and landscapes are my favourite.

When I travel my camera is like an extra eye trough which I observe people around me. Sometimes I am so captured by taking photos that I risk to loose myself or I risk my safety as it happened to me in Guatemala some years ago where I took photos of propitiatory rites in a sacred temple even if I had been told to be careful about sensibility of local natives.

In my professional activity I am involved in sport and portrait above all and I think that study and search are fondamental so I will never stop reading and searching to better my tecnique,style and knowledge.

In 2013 “JUST MARRIED” was born and we had the opportunity to use all our experience in this project.

giac cosa mi piace
Just Married - Studio Fotografico Livorno background image