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It is difficult to say even for me ….a guitar player?….a photographer?…maybe I am a rare example of… Chitarrografo© .

I am jocking of course ! My passion for photography was born many years ago: I was a child and my father always used to travel carring  his camera with him, so I always asked him to let me take some photos.It was a Canon AE1 Program. It was really a beautiful camera, so beautiful that I have decided to have its tatoo on my arm to remember that emotion for ever.

I believe that photography means emotion and that the essence of a beautiful image is in its ability to transmit feelings and emotions. A good photographer must know not only technique and composition but must be able to capture in a shoot sensations and feelings mixing reality,emotions and his own point of view.







I like to take every kind of photo. Some years ago some photographers (that were my friends) told me that I was an eclectic photographer ,may be they were right!  I have a preference for reportages and live event photos expecially in the musical field.

In these last years I have tested all kinds of photography trying  to better my technique. I followed specific courses and workshop. I have had the most impressive photographic  experience in South Africa during some safari. A fantastic experience in a fantastic place that I still remember with nostalgia, with a sort of “african sickness”.

As regards as Just Married  the various photographic experience that both of us have made in our life are really important to realize very good photographic services for marriages, in fact  a marriage is an event complex to be photographed that requires various  photographic tecniques and styles.

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